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| Copyright | Did the Bauhaus Movement’s Founder Steal Lucia Moholy’s Photos?
April 10, 2017
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Nicole Martinez
April 10, 2017
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is credited with leading the art, design and architecture revolution of the early 20th century, but its legacy may be stained with a copyright infringement tale.

The Bauhaus movement started with the Bauhaus school, a Germany-based institution that lasted from 1919 to 1931. Founded by Valentino Rockstud Spike crossbody Free Shipping Newest Online Shopping Sale Find Great Fast Delivery For Sale 5wTHrLgS
, a German architect, the Bauhaus school shifted locations throughout its lifespan – from Weimar to Dessau and later, Berlin – before political pressure from the Nazis shut down the school in 1931.

The school had a lasting influence on Western architecture, art, and design, and the Bauhaus movement is one that is widely studied by contemporary scholars and creators today. In its simplest form, the Bauhaus movement sought to combinedesignand industrialization, creating functional things that could be mass-produced for the betterment of society.

While its legacy is certainly incontestable, the Bauhaus movement’s founder, Gropius, has some dubious skeletons in his closet when it comes to promoting and advancing the Bauhaus movement and its mission.

British-born artist Lucia Moholy first came to the Bauhaus school with her husband, the artist From China Free Shipping The Gigi fauxfur scarf Outlet Recommend Sale Brand New Unisex Clearance Authentic m5oF6qW3t
. The Bauhaus philosophy required anyone and everyone who was part of its circle to contribute in some way to the movement’s purpose – for Moholy, a trained photographer, her contribution would be her startlingly beautiful work.

Moholy set about photographing the Bauhaus building, its students, and all of its contents. Moholy’s images didn’t focus solely on the architecture but rather offered a careful study of the people and ideas that prevailed at the Bauhaus school: Students in dark rooms and workshops, the furniture pieces in process, and the buildings that touted their singular Bauhaus style.

As Nazi Germany’s encroachment loomed over freedom of expression – and particularly, over artists – the Bauhaus movement was slowly shut down. By 1933, just years after the school had shut down, Moholy and her husband had separated. Engaged in a relationship with a Communist party official, Moholy feared arrest or worse and fled the country immediately. She eventually settled in London, though most of her belongings – including the Bauhaus negatives – were left in the care of someone else. Notably, the negatives of the photographs Moholy had taken were in the care of the Bauhaus movement’s founder, Walter Gropius.

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We take a look back at three reviews of Raymond Chandler's most iconic books

Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.

“Most of the characters in this story are tough, many of them are nasty and some of them are both. Philip Marlowe, the private detective who is both the narrator and the chief character, is hard: he has to be hard to cope with the slimy racketeers who are preying on the Sternwood family. Nor do the Sternwoods themselves, particularly the two daughters, respond to gentle treatment. Spoiled is much too mild a term to describe these two young women. Marlowe is working for $25 a day and expenses and he earns every cent of it. Indeed, because of his loyalty to his employer, he passes up golden opportunities to make much more. Before the story is done Marlowe just misses being an eyewitness to two murders and by an even narrower margin misses being a victim. The language used in this book is often vile, at times so filthy that the publishers have been compelled to resort to the dash, a device seldom employed in these unsqueamish days. As a study in depravity, the story is excellent, with Marlowe standing out as almost the only fundamentally decent person in it.”

Article continues after advertisement

Isaac Anderson, The New York Times , February 12, 1939

It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.

“This is a tough one: superlatively tough, alcoholic, and, for all its wisecracks, ugly rather than humorous. Like many ‘swift-moving’ tales, it is sometimes confusing in its rapid succession of incidents which may or may not have an integral connection with the plot. And the actual mystery is not important. It isn’t so difficult to guess what had become of the beautiful cabaret singer Velma. The identity of the unpleasing Lindsay Marriott’s slayer has no pressing interest. The murder casually committed by that elemental giant Moose Malloy is only an episode to start the story going. No, the appeal of Farewell, My Lovely is in its toughness, which is extremely well done.

Jeanne Florian may know something or nothing about Velma, but Philip Marlowe’s questioning of that gin-soaked old woman makes as sordid a bet as you’re likely to be looking for. Beautiful Mrs. Grayle has a real place in the story, but it’s the sense of evil all about her that gives you goose-flesh. And Amthor the ‘psychic consultant’ and Sonderberg the ‘dope doctor’ are lesser figures in a novel in which no detail is left undescribed.

But the story’s ever-present theme is police corruption, seen in a murky variety. And several kinds of dreadfulness are handled with a grisly skill.”

Image Credit: Awwwards

Ready to move on to some typography terminology? Let's go.

If you thought these two words were interchangeable, you're not alone. But they actually mean two different things.

Typographer, Nick Sherman, once used a great analogy to explain the differences between the terms “typeface” and “font.” He suggested comparing these typography terms to the musical terms “song” and “mp3.” When you’re explaining how much you enjoy a particular tune, you say, “I love this song!” You wouldn’t say, “I love this mp3!” The song is the work of art, whereas an mp3 file is just the delivery mechanism.

The same rules apply in typography.You should use the word “typeface” when describing the creative work (i.e., what you see). This is a more abstract design term used when referring to the way a specific collection looks or feels. For example,Helvetica is a typeface.

use the word “typeface” when describing the creative work (i.e., what you see).

If you’re describing the physical embodiment of the collection of letters and characters, you should use the term “font." It refers to what you use -- whether that’s a file on your computer or a case full of metal letters. This is the tangible representation of that collection of letters and characters. For example,Helvetica Bold and Helvetica Light Oblique are fonts.

If you’re describing the physical embodiment of the collection of letters and characters, you should use the term “font."

Here's how you could use these two terms in a sentence:

“Wow. The typeface you chose really pulls this design together.”

“I’ll change the font size to 12pt so it fits in the box.”

I t’s way easier to communicate with designers when you actually speak their language , which is why it's important to understand the anatomy of a typeface.

Each part of a letter has its own special term, similar to bones in a human body. Below, you’ll see three diagrams that explain the makeup of individual letters, how these elements interact with each other, and how they sit on a line.

For example, let's takewith the word "Faulty" as it's shown in the picture below.

Here's how each of the terms here are defined:

Baseline: Cap height: X-height: Serif: Descender:

Now, let's look at the word "flash":

Here's how these terms are defined:

Ligature: Spine: Ascender:

Still with me?Just a few more here. Let's take a look at the word "Beef":

Cross bar: Counter: Finial: Terminal

Good work. Now that you know the anatomy of letterforms, let’s get into the terms related to spacing: kerning, tracking, leading, and hierarchy.

Protip: I also make sure there’s not many icons on the desktop, I put them all in folders, and delete the shortcuts I never use.

Here’s a convenient .png to use on your smartphone, if it doesn’t have a fill color setting. Download it, then set it as background. (I’ve thrown in kinky pink too, as a bonus!)

This one might seem very straightforward, but it’s incredible how many tabs occupy some people’s browsers. I call this phenomenon Chronic Tab Pileup Syndrome (CTPS), which you can be diagnosed with if you have more than 8 tabs open on average.

Disabling the on restart, resume where I left off option in your browser will help against CTBS. Some general caution will do the rest.

Something else that I find distracting is the ‘new tab’ page, where a wall of all your most-visited websites is presented for you to endlessly move your cursor over while you decide which one to click next. Besides locking you into a certain range of websites, it’s very distracting—I prefer a totally blank new tab page. For that, I use a plugin for Chrome called Etro knitted top Buy Cheap 2018 Unisex Big Discount Online WLtd2p

In Safari it’s as easy as going to preferences>general , and setting new tabs open with: to Empty Page . In Firefox, type about:config in the address bar, search for browser.newtab.url , click the preference, then change it from about:newtab to about:blank . With IE, go to control panel>delete a program and click Internet Explorer .

You can try to resist the urge to visit , but eventually them cute cats will get to you, and resisting will cost you willpower. So ultimately, you’ll want to just blast all distractions out of the water. I use a great plugin for Chrome called StayFocusd . The Safari and Firefox equivalents would be Mindful Browsing and LeechBlock , respectively.

StayFocusd can be set to allow you a certain amount of time on the websites you block, but I just go all-in and block them entirely from 8AM to 6PM, every day of the week. This is what my settings ( StayFocusd>Settings>The Nuclear Option ) look like (don’t forget to actually block sites first before nuking ‘em):

I cannot tell you how happy I am with my quora-ebay-facebook-reddit-free days! It might feel radical at first—perhaps slightly exacerbated by the radiation sign—but it’s easy to get used to.

Here comes the real fun stuff! Have you ever started listening to a song on YouTube, only to end up in an online video frenzy, finally coming back down to reality after 5 hours of fail-compilation filled obsession? Well, no more! The cause of your troubles here is the related video column. Let’s take care of that.

Our weapon of choice is Adblock Plus (ABP), available for every browser ! Besides blocking nearly every ad imaginable, we can customize it to block anything on any website.

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